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Acupuncture with Ash Kenyon


The heart of our practice is rooted in East Asian medicine and the millennia old wellness impact it provides. As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) Dr. Ash brings years of study and experience to every patient interaction.


Nutrition is the foundation of any personal commitment to wellness. Dr. Ash works with each patient to chart individual wellness goals. She then crafts a custom nutrition plan  that will enable each patient  to thrive.

Wellness Coaching

When patients are looking to work across physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, we offer holistic wellness coaching. In these sessions, Dr. Ash works with patients to chart wellness aspirations and stepping stones towards achieving them.


Earth-Based Energy Healing with Misha

The most grounding and regenerative thing we can do for ourselves is to soften into a state of relaxation. When the body is relaxed, it intuitively re-harmonizes with the rhythms of Earth, and travels into a restorative state where true healing can occur.


Energy Healing facilitates the body’s natural ability to self-heal. These sessions are an opportunity for you to receive a unique weaving of reiki, guided journeying, plant essence therapy, and more A treatment for the many layers of your being.


Guided by the spirit of healing, each treatment is specially catered to where you are at at the time in which we gather.

Our work is attuned to your unique intentions and desires — and brought forth through the practice of delicate sensitivity and deep intuitive listening.


Reiki energy healing is an ancient practice where life force energy is guided through the hands of the formally trained practitioner into the client's energy field and body. It is light in touch, yet deeply effective – moving and clearing energy that may have caused blockages and imbalances contributing to discomfort or dis-ease manifesting on the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels. This work can also be supportive on a quantum level – providing healing to both our conscious and unconscious awareness. Through this aspect of energy work we are able to offer healing that transcends time and space; meaning we are able to facilitate ancestral healing and address past experiences of this lifetime and others. 


You will remain fully clothed during the session and will experience a series of hand positions on and/or above your body.


See Specials for this months very special combo !

 60 Minutes   $140 


Astrology with Philipp Johr

In ancient times, Astrology was incorporated, all around the world, to help and treat human beings. It was used, as a preventative tool, to improve individuals quality of health and life.  Physicians and healers in the past were trained in the mysterious ways of our magical Cosmos. There is a broad awakening of this knowledge and healers are starting to shed light into a forgotten form of understanding of the Body, Mind and Soul. With the help of your personal astrology birth chart, and a verbal consultation, Philipp can create a personal treatment plan, and help with:​

-Sudden unexpected conditions 

-Chronic pain



-Low energy 

-Weight problems



-Relationship issues

and so much more…

Turn this into an astrology guided massage by adding one of our massage treatments!

30 Minutes  $75

60 Minutes $125

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