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  75 Minutes $159

  • 75 minute massage

  • Extended foot massage 

  • Hot stones

  • Aromatherapy  

  • Warm oil scalp massage

  • Includes tea & cookie (in the cafe next door)



  90 Minutes $179

  • 75 minute massage

  • 15 minute mini facial

  • Cool eye crystal massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Includes tea & cookie (in the cafe next door)



  2 HOURS $274

  • 60 minute massage

  • 60 minute facial

  • Warm oil scalp massage

  • Beautiful eye treatment

  • Includes tea & cookie (in the cafe next door)



 3.5 HOURS Minutes $365

  • 30 minute infrared sauna

  • 30 minute spa foot bath

  • 90 minute massage

  • 60 Minute Facial (Add 30 minutes to your facial for $45)

  • Hot stones and aromatherapy

  • Includes lunch (in the cafe next door)

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  60 Minutes $165

  • 60 minute facial

  • foot massage

  • Hot stone massage 

  • Warm oil scalp massage 

  • Beautiful eye treatment w/ cold stone therapy 

  • Includes tea & cookie (in the cafe next door)


The Detox  Facial 

 105 Minutes $184

  • 30 minute infrared sauna

  • 75 minute facial

  • Warm oil scalp massage 

  • Peel and extractions (if needed ) 

  • Hot stone massage therapy- with warming CBD massage cream

  • Gua Sha & Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

  • Tea & cookie (in the cafe next door)

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Infrared Sauna $99 a month unlimited 

Full spectrum infrared sauna has been around since the 1950's and uses a type of energy that si naturally occurring and is produced by a process called "direct light conversion." It penetrates the skin on a deeper level and is believed to have improved detoxification properties. Our Infrared sauna includes custom blends of wavelengths for targeted health benefits, such as, deep tissue repair, stress relief, relaxes muscles, detoxifies tissues, improves circulation, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, weight loss, cardiovascular, anti aging, skin purification.

The infrared sauna has 3 different levels: These different levels represent the different sizes in infrared wavelengths and refer to the intensity of the treatment.



near-infrared levels are best for wound healing and increased immune function



middle-infrared levels are ideal for increasing circulation and promoting muscle relaxation



far-infrared levels are used primarily for detoxification purposes

For therapeutic purposes, it is recommended that the infrared sauna is used at least twice a week. Come and relax with us for 30 minutes. Perfectly paired before or after a treatment. Hop on in. Our Sauna is your Sauna.

                                                                                     45 Minute Session $42

                                                                                     30 Minute Session $30

                                                                                     30 Min. added to service $25

                                                                                     Purchase 4 sessions use any time $99


Our goal at KIVA is finding balance. With our holistic approach to beauty and wellness, we use the wisdom of ancient cultures, such as traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, mixed with a modern approach to find balance both internally and externally with our tea, tonics and spa treatments.

We love our community and KIVA is the perfect gathering place. Enjoy our cafe with friends and family.  We have menu options that are  gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and more..inspired from cultures all over the world.  

Feel good inside and out with a visit to our  Cafe &  Spa.  

Health is beauty----beauty is health!

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