• With more than 7,000 nerves in the feet, foot massage is extremely powerful and healing

  • Alleviates anxiety and brings a deep state of relaxation

  • Improves circulation, blood flow, detoxing and cleansing

  • Helps transport oxygen and nutrition to the body's cells

  • Encourages homeostasis when all body system's are working in harmony with  one another

  • Releases any blockages that hold back energy flowing through the body freely

  • Enhances immunity

  • Relieves stress

  • Brings pure bliss

Spa Foot Bath

This luxurious treatment for the feet and lower legs offers immediate relaxation.  The feet are bathed in Himalayan salt water to fully soak up the minerals and detoixfy at the same time.  Your feet will be exfoliated with a gentle yet stimulating foot scrub.  You will enjoy a lovely foot massage with a refreshing hydrating lotion.  

Includes a pot of tea to enjoy.

20 Minutes

30 Minutes 

45 Minutes





Using accupressure and fluid massage-like movements, foot relexology is a natural healing art and alternative medicine therapy that has been practiced in different forms around the world for up to 5,000 years. Pressure is applied to points on the feet correspond to parts of the body.

As well as relieving tension and improving circulation, reflexology can encourage better natural functioning of related areas of the body and better general health overall.

Includes Foot Bath and tea.

45 Minutes 


Rain Drop Reflexology

This is the perfect way to balance and detoxify the body from ailments such as back pain, upper respiratory infections, digestive complaints and hormonal imbalance as well as fatige, mental strain and emotional distress. 


See Rain Drop Body Treatment for more details.

Includes Foot Bath and tea.

45 Minutes


Hot Stone Foot Therapy

Awaken weary feet and stimulate the senses with hot stones, essential oils, massage and a hot towel wrap.

Includes Foot Bath and tea.

45 Minutes


​Sole Mate

A warm soothing mask followed by a luxurious massage that will drench your skin in the ultimate hydration.

Includes Foot Bath and tea.

45 Minutes


Fusion Chair Massage 

A spa foot bath combined with massage to your hands, arms, neck and shoulders. 

Includes tea.

30 Minutes



CBD Bath Soak and Massage

CBD is found in the hemp plant. It is a non-toxic, non-euphoric substance that works naturally with our body and  plays an important role in controlling inflammation, pain relief, nerve protection and immune balance.  CBD can be beneficial for many conditions including, chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, sore muscles, skin irritation, tissue strains and nerve pain. 


Ease your feet into a  CBD bath salt soak while the healing and pain relief benefits are absorbed.

Relax with an extended foot massage with CBD massage cream. 

45 Minutes


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