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ki∙va /kēva/

Noun:  A sacred place of gathering of ancient cultures where communities reunite for celebrations, rituals and ceremonies.

Everything I have done in my life has lead to this point. I have always been intoxicated with

thoughts of exotic lands and people, of bringing communities together, of creating a sense of

oneness for all, celebrating and enjoying life.  I have a passion for people! I love beauty,

health and wellness.


I was born in New York, grew up in Los Angeles, and lived in San Francisco, Florida, Vancouver B.C. Canada, Doha, Qatar.  I have lived in Portland, Oregon since the late 90's.


My first profession was a television/movie makeup artist in Los Angeles in the mid 80′s. In 1996 I moved to Portland Oregon to start a family.  After having two beautiful children and staying at home with them for 4 years I decide to follow my dream to become an esthetician. I started my internship at a lovely destination spa, Aequis. The following year I created a small sanctuary ~ KIVA-Face Body Soul in a private office in northwest Portland.  In 2008 I opened Face Body Soul, on Fremont street in Portland’s Beaumont Village.  This was a successful boutique spa that focused on bringing communities together with special events featuring local artisans and artists in the community.


In 2010 I made the decision to close Face Body Soul and move with my family to Doha, Qatar to explore an exotic land. We enjoyed many cultural experiences while meeting so many amazing people from around the world. This was an experience to last a lifetime.  After two years we decided it was time to come back home to family and friends and time to get back to what I have a passion for. My store and spa re-opens, this time adding a cafe, tea & elixir bar serving specialty drinks from my journey far away…  KIVA - Tea Cafe Spa.

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