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Waxing,Tinting & Lash Extension Services

Hair removal is never pleasant, so we take great care to ensure your comfort.  Our gentle waxing method is personalized for you by our highly trained estheticians.  We use either a soft or hard wax, depending on the type of hair which needs to be removed (thick or thin) and the areas the hair is covering.

If soft wax is used, the warmed wax will be applied to the treated areas, a cloth strip is pressed onto the wax, and the strip is quickly removed in the opposite direction of hair growth. Hard warm wax is placed directly on the skin and left to harden before it is removed.

Brow & Lash Services:

   Brow Wax      $30

   Brow Tint & Wax      $50

   Brow Lamination (includes wax and tint)    $135

Lash Lift (includes tint)    $135

  Lash & Brow Tint     $45 

Facial Waxing:

    Lip     $20

    Neck & Chin     $25

    Cheek     $25

    Nostril     $20

    Full Face (includes brow, lip, chin & cheek)     $85


Body Waxing: 

    Brazilian     $85

    French Bikini     $70

    Basic Bikini     $60

    Full Leg     $90

    1/2 Leg     $60

    Underarms     $25

    Chest or Back     $75

Lash Extensions:

Natural Lash

Classic Full Set: 

  120 minutes     $225 


Semi-Dramatic Lash

  2D Hybrid Full Set

  135 minutes     $250


Dramatic Lash

  3D Volume Full Set 

  150 minutes     $275

Lash Fill Maintenance

60 minutes       $85

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