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Here at KIVA Spa we are creating a more holistic approach to wellness. We have supportive community with a vision that well-being is a state of being that all can achieve. Regardless of medical condition, gender, race or socio-economic status, we offer individual care for our guests, through the hands on treatments, community classes, workshops and events.


Thai Fusion - Gate to Siam with Philipp Johr

"Gentle" Thai Fusion Massage

A gentle version of the “Yoga for the Lazy Person”. Mixed techniques originating from traditional Thai massage blended with Shiatsu. As you remain clothed throughout treatment, please wear comfortable clothing that allows for free movement. No oil or lotion is applied.

  • Must be comfortable lying on your back and side on a Thai mat, on the floor.

"Invigorating" Thai Fusion Massage 

An invigorating version of “Yoga for the Lazy Person.” You will be stretched and twisted, lifted and pushed. This treatment focuses on mobilizing the body and freeing fascial blockages. Thai energy lines are being balanced. It’s an ancient dance between practitioner and client.

As you remain clothed throughout treatment, please wear comfortable clothing that allows for free movement. No oil or lotion is applied.

  • Must be comfortable lying on your back and side on a Thai mat, on the floor.

  • Must be limber and free of chronic back symptoms or chronic low back pain!


Embodying Bliss with Ocean

Integrative Acupuncture & Massage

Experience a gentler way of receiving acupuncture with a combination of massage and cupping to feel relaxed as well as clearing blockage in the energy channels of the body. Needles used in the session are smaller than most acupuncture needles. 


Integrative Session with Sound healing

In this combo session, your body, heart, and mind will be guided to the state of harmony and tuned into the healing power of nature. Blessed warm water will be poured into a Tibetan singing bowl. The bowl is then placed onto the body. Through the invitation and rubbing of the bowl, the body will arrive at the state of relaxation. Sound Bath is later played around the body in order to create the perfect fifth sonic interval as well as binaural beats, which will induce different states of relaxation or energization.


Thai Massage & Thai Oil Massage

Thai massage, is an ancient healing modality that can be traced back 2,500 years, is a form of deep tissue treatment that focuses on pressure with an emphasis on the body's 10 energy channels, "sen". Pressing techniques are used to promote healing and circulation to tight muscles and release blocked energy, includes the use of thumbs and elbow sliding along the muscle fibers. Intensity can be personalized based on the client's preference. This technique helps relax the body and promote lymphatic drainage. Thai oil massage is gentler than standard Thai massage and is a great way to invite the body to feel safe and relaxed while clearing out any blockage in the energy channels of the body.

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Balinese Ceremony

Drift away to another place and time with this blissful ritual.  Soft smooth skin becomes a reality following a silk glove full body exfoliation, followed by a hot stone massage with Balinese rocks and warm exotic spiced shea butter. Finish this journey with a hydrating body balm that is luxuriously applied. 

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Rain Drop Body Alignment

This powerfully healing therapy focuses on the spine and is designed to release blockages and align energy throughout the body.  This is the perfect way to balance and detoxify the body from ailments such as, upper respiratory infections, digestive complaints, sore muscles, back pain as well as fatigue, mental and emotional strain.  Treatment includes a hot stone massage and a warm oil scalp treatment that completely aligns the body from top of head to tips of toes!

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So Soft Back Scrub 

Beginning with a silk glove exfoliation promoting circulation and detoxification, followed by a  warm jojoba oil back massage with hot stones. Next a hydrating body scrub mixture is applied gently and thoroughly to exfoliate away dead skin cells. Enjoy the warmth of a hot towel compress. A luxurious cream is generously applied and massaged, leaving your skin silky smooth, deeply hydrated and refreshed! 

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